“After the Career Initiative…I invested with power.  The sound of my voice was
different--I started to speak with confidence…In the next couple of days, I accepted
a great salary, benefits and travel package [after being out of work for over a year].”

    Chris Roberts, Network Engineer, Houston TX
"Ellen touched my heart.  She has a natural
honesty and integrity that is enhanced by her
sense of play and earnestness."

Kaysie McAlister, PAD Conference participant,
Tampa FL
"I watched my life completely transform for the
better with Ellen as my coach. I always left each
session with focus and a goal to accomplish.
She showed a lot of care for my welfare as a
human being. I don't think I would have been
able to reach the level of mental, physical, and
professional freedom I enjoy today if it had not
been for her coaching."

Mona Marcobelli, Certified Professional Coach,
Toronto, Canada
“Ellen’s session on Personal Empowerment was very
enlightening to me and my entire group. Several months
later, we are still having discussions around the limitations
we put on ourselves and how to recognize and remove
them. We think several times before making assumptions
about situations and people. I would highly recommend
the workshop to anyone desiring personal growth!”

    Tommie English, Vice-President,
    Call Center Management, Houston

“Ellen Junious is an outstanding presenter who
captures and engages her audience with humor,
provocative questions, and a wealth of meaningful
information. It was my pleasure to collaborate with
her as a workshop facilitator.”

    Tandelyn Atkinson Weaver,
    Certified Professional
    Coach, Houston TX
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