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Let Ellen Help you Unleash your Power

Reviewed by Louis Hemmi (Houston Book Club)
Posted on September 20, 2007

Fellow Houstonian Ellen Junious has found her voice in authoring "The Power of Personal Advantage." We all know
change can be a great help or a tremendous obstacle, depending on your attitude. Some changes come from within,
such as when we want to grow and prosper, or from without. Whether we emerge as victors or victims is entirely up to
us. "Unleash the Power of Personal Advantage" is a good read, written in a style that is deeply personal and authentic.


Reviewed by Patricia Nordyke Pando
Posted on October 2, 2007

In Texas, they spin a yarn about a small but feisty wrangler. He'd tell anyone who asked, and some who didn't, "I'm not
small, I'm just wound tight." This book by Texas author Ellen Denise Junious shares lots with that scrappy fellow.
Unleash the Power of Personal Advantage is not a thick tome; it is a slender volume that is wound tight and full of
potent information.  

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Empowerment Coach Ellen Denise Junious shares how to unleash your human potential
and claim your personal power in her motivational new book
Unleash the Power of Personal

"…a must-read for anyone serious about achieving personal success."
-Dennis Brown, author
Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life

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Ellen Junious’s compact self-help book,  Unleash the Power of Personal Advantage, packs a powerful punch to help
readers get down to the basics of how to improve their lives. She provides simple tools to help conquer barriers in
reaching for success. The author breaks the book into two parts: The first part addresses the mental toughness
required to forge ahead, and the second lays out the seven fundamental principles for unlocking an individual’s

Reviewed by Christine Zibas  
Posted on October 14, 2007
and hone right in on the ideals that every reader, beginner or advanced, who is serious about improving or refreshing
their life, will find valuable.

Readers are guided and inspired with nuggets of wisdom which are good to hang on to throughout the day.
Collectively, every principal and nugget contained in the book will aide the reader to avoid letting setbacks or negative
personal experiences impede personal growth and success. Without being preachy or boastful, Junious shares her
own and other's short story experiences to show how obstacles can be re-shaped into stepping stones leaving
readers mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally strong(er) to succeed.

Of course, the best way to see if a self-help book will really help to improve the readers personal advantage, is to put it
in practice. After reading this book, I particularly liked the Life Balance Wheel exercise. Taking advantage of this
exercise will definitely enable any reader to see specific areas of his or her life that can use some improvement. It will
enable any reader to set a realistic goal to thrive in that specific area. That is just one of the several ways UNLEASH
THE POWER OF PERSONAL ADVANTAGE: 7 Keys to Unlock Your Potential for Success will help you improve and
Reviewed by Swaggie Coleman (RAWSistaz Reviewers)
Posted on December 9, 2007
Unleash the Power
New Self-Help Book Helps You Tap into Your Personal Power
Ellen D. Junious has put together a great book for self-improvement! In a warm, candid, and
conversational tone, she discusses with the reader how to regain or maintain focus and
determination to claim the power within to succeed. Junious offers very helpful and
understandable questions, diagrams, and encouraging quotes to aide the reader in applying the
seven keys for success. In comparison with other self-help/personal growth books I have read,
this book ranks high with very little to no unnecessary fluff. The seven principals are practical